Finally! A monthly book series! I’ve been meaning to start a monthly book series for quite some time now. If you check the book review that I did for The Paris Wife, you’ll know how much I love reading books and getting lost in its pages. Unfortunately, my mama duties has prefilled my days to no end. As such, I haven’t had the chance to launch this series which has been quite frustrating. Frankly, you would not believe how many…

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Brunch at Leña

Although my baby girl’s not out yet, my maternity leave has already begun. If my little bean follows her due date, I should have about two weeks to unwind…

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Lounging in Mykonos

Much as I adore Santorini, there was something really vibrant about Mykonos that was unlike any other place I have been. If Santorini is famous for its Cycladic stone…

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Santorini was a different story altogether. Having come from Athens, I was blown away by the spectacular scene of the landscape that dawned on me. It was breathtaking! Staying…

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I’m unpacking photos from Greece reminding myself of the breezy Aegean sea and the beautiful Cycladic white stone houses. I already miss it just by thinking about it! Considering…

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