I’m unpacking photos from Greece reminding myself of the breezy Aegean sea and the beautiful Cycladic white stone houses. I already miss it just by thinking about it! Considering the fact that I just started my second trimester when we went to Greece, it was a pretty tiring trip yet altogether really special and fun having been able to spend 11 days touring Athens, Santorini and Mykonos.

Our first stop was Athens staying around the Plaka district which turned out to be a really wise decision. Having been able to stay in the old town enabled us to reach amazing places by foot and by interesting I mean the great Acropolis. If you’re visiting the Parthenon, I say visit right when it opens at 8 am because the line up can get really long pretty quickly. Expect to hike a little and wear shoes with rubber soles to get a good grip on the marble pathways inside the Acropolis.

Staying in Plaka not only got us to Parthenon by foot, we were able to stroll around so many wonderful shops in Adrianou street and visit the Monastiraki flea market. Three full days for us was enough, having been able to visit not only the Acropolis but also the Acropolis Museum which was a great complement to visiting the Acropolis, as well as the National Archaeological Museum. We spent time strolling the Plaka district at night trying out various restaurants and capping off the day with my husband having some Greek coffee and ouzo.

Athens was just the first leg of our trip and it was honestly a great first few days spent!
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