I’m going to become a mama!

Hi everyone! I have been quiet for some time as it has been a fairly challenging year for me- all good and exciting challenges though! First off, I am so excited to share that I am going to become a mama! I’m still in a daze realizing that I have a tiny human being growing inside me even with my growing baby bump! At present, I am a week away from my seventh month of pregnancy and I have about three months to go before my little girl arrives. I won’t lie, I have been through a myriad of emotions feeling happy, excited, nervous, scared and freaked-out all at the same time and still going through it from time to time. Add to the fact that I have finally entered my last term in school and I could not be any more excited to finally finish! When I started four years ago, finishing a degree felt like a long way off. Yet after so many Venti cups of coffee, late night classes, and never ending homework, I have finally reached my culminating stretch. Thank goodness I finish exactly a month before giving birth, otherwise, I would be in shambles having to give birth and writing my final exams simultaneously!

Truthfully, I am so super happy, I can’t even put into words how joyous and excited I feel for my little bean’s arrival!

Everyday, I am most grateful for all these incredible experiences and despite the multi-tasking I try to do every single day, what with going to school, working, being a wife and preparing to become a mama, I am beginning to find time to relax, breathe and soak it all in. Thank goodness for my amazing husband who never ceases to show me love and support every single possible minute. I honestly don’t know how I could have gone through all these without him.

I know it’s been an on and off journey with me writing and trust me there’s no one more frustrated with this than myself.  Yet as this new season unfolds, I hope to write and document my journey as I go through this wonderful, sometimes crazy, but most of all, incredibly amazing time.

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