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Although my baby girl’s not out yet, my maternity leave has already begun. If my little bean follows her due date, I should have about two weeks to unwind and prepare myself for her arrival, but then again, you never know with babies, they arrive when they feel like it! Basically, I’m just taking things one day at a time, doing as much as I can before she comes which I am absolutely so excited for.  Given that this weekend was my first official weekend being off, I must say, I had the best start meeting my friends for brunch.  Navigating when you are 38 weeks pregnant is definitely not an easy task, but brunching is something I find almost sacred and I just could not say no to it! So for weekend brunch, my friends and I decided to try Leña Restaurante out and it definitely did not disappoint.

Lena brunch

Having come here the first time on New Year’s eve, I knew the food was going to be just amazing. This Argentinian restaurant offers an amazing selection of brunch to choose, from pastries like alfajores which is shortbread with dulce de leche to salmon and steak. There’s definitely so much to pick from, my friends and I had a difficult time deciding what to get.

Lena brunch

Garbanzo ToastsLena brunch

Wild Keta SalmonLena brunch

Northern Woods Mushroom OmeletteLena brunch

Seville Orange Crèpes

Add to the fact that the space was absolutely lovely. If you’re planning to visit, I suggest requesting to be placed around the main lounge, as it has the best ambiance with its huge glass windows and gorgeous art deco bar.  The scene is something to soak in too. I probably stood a few minutes by the bar, just watching the restaurant prepare coffee and pastries which honestly, for me, was all part of the fun.

Lena brunch Lena brunch

Bar Lala

I finally settled for the Full Gaucho which consisted of eggs, a slice of morcilla, and jamon among other delicious fares. This dish needs no explanation, it was filling and wonderful . I especially loved the morcilla which is a spanish blood sausage.

Lena brunch

The Full Gaucho


I did get the chance to try the Medialuna, a half moon shaped croissant, which by far, was one of the most delectable croissants I’ve ever had. Pairing my meal with a nice glass of Maracuyà, a blend of passion fruit, sugar cane, lime and candied pineapple, I officially felt complete this entire weekend.

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