Lounging in Mykonos

Much as I adore Santorini, there was something really vibrant about Mykonos that was unlike any other place I have been. If Santorini is famous for its Cycladic stone houses, Mykonos was striking for its stone pathways, pastel coloured doors, beaches and cultivated atmosphere. If you’re spending a few good days in Mykonos, I suggest rent a car or an ATV to get around. Much as its terrain is flatter than Santorini, there are still some places which are located uphill. Most of all, a lot of places are quite far apart.Renting a car was one of the smartest decisions we made as we were able to really maximize the time we had in Mykonos, spending our days lounging at the beach and strolling the gorgeous town of the island at night.

I really loved Mykonos for being so different from Santorini. I loved being able to just stroll and walk hand in hand with my babe amidst the lights of the town. Of course, Mykonos is still very much known for its parties, hence it can get quite loud at night so it’s a great idea to stay a bit further from the town itself. We loved the airbnb we rented in Mykonos as it was not only gorgeous and overlooking the whole island, but its proximity from the city center was just right.

As for beaches, there are really so many options. If you’re looking for classic beach parties, then Super Paradise beach is the way to go. However, my husband and I were really looking for something way more tranquil and for us, Elia beach was absolutely perfect. We loved it so much we spent two full days just relaxing and swimming in Elia. Just like anywhere in Mykonos, places are bit far from one another. It took us about half an hour to get to the beach but it was so worth it. This beach was so clean, gorgeous and peaceful, I was just so happy to have been given the chance to lounge in its beauty!

If you’re visiting the Cyclades, Mykonos is definitely a must.

Lounging in Mykonos Lounging in Mykonos

Lounging in Mykonos

Lounging in Mykonos


Lounging in MykonosLounging in Mykonos

Lounging in Mykonos


Lounging in Mykonos

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