My musings as a new mother

It’s been eight whole months since I’ve given birth to my daughter and almost a year since I have posted any of my thoughts in my blog. I have to admit, it took me a while to find the courage to write again. Those who know me well would know much of my heart lies in art and writing. Somehow, I felt that I lost my voice in the process of adjusting to my new role as a new mother. The learning curve was, indeed, steep and overwhelming. It was tough figuring out how to become a mom, knowing with certainty, if you’re always doing the right things for your child. I have to say that at this very moment, I am still learning and settling into my new role.

Despite the hurdles faced with becoming a mother, the happiness I feel for having my daughter is honestly unparalleled. It has to be the single most amazing and happiest thing that has ever happened in my life. Not a day passes that I don’t take in delight the incredible moments my baby brings me each day. For me, having her really placed a lot of things into perspective. Gone are the days that I wallow in simple frustrations and disappointments. Now, I actively seek positivity and happiness in everything I do, no matter how tough situations get. Becoming a mom really does make you think who you are as an individual. I wake up each day, asking myself, how do I want my child to see me? What values do I want her to take from me? I take these questions as my guiding points every single day.

For this reason alone, I mustered the spirit to pick up my pen and write, once again. One of the things I’m hoping to impart in her is the value of loving oneself unconditionally. My motivation to write not only encompasses my own enjoyment of such practice but also my desire to impact my child positively. She may be way too young to really understand my ideas here but I know that I want her to see me pursue my dreams and follow things that I am passionate about so that she may herself, one day, learn the value of self-respect, self-acceptance, and unconditional self-love.

Please indulge me when I say that I am here to stay. I am here to write and document life as I go through it and I honestly can’t wait to begin

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