New year, fresh perspective

Happy new year everyone! I so hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a great start to the year!

I equate a new year similar to leafing through a fresh new book- a clean slate brimming with positivity. It just gives one great desire for a wonderful start and a fresh perspective, inspiring one to dream up new resolutions to fulfill and follow. This year, in particular, is already posing to be an extremely special year for me. Much as 2016 has been significant, it was fairly challenging, spending most of it pregnant while finishing university. Now that it is 2017, I can happily say that I have finally completed my specialist degree in art history after four years of hard work, finishing it with distinction no less!

Still, nothing will ever compare to my immense excitement and joy over the coming arrival of my baby which is very, very soon! I have entered my last month of pregnancy and have reached full term, which means that my little girl can come out any day now.  There are genuinely no words to describe my excitement and happiness. I will admit, I have entered the phase of simultaneously feeling overjoyed and anxious thinking how I will fare as a mother. I may not know the extent of its difficulty, but I definitely know it will be my most challenging job yet, knowing that being a parent is the hardest and most rewarding job in the world! I can only thank my lucky stars that I have such an amazing partner in my husband. We constantly remind ourselves to keep grounded, harmonious and strong so we can tackle becoming new parents with strength and ease. It is funny how as I write, I can feel my little bean kicking inside me. I just can’t wait to meet her!

While I wait for my little babe to come, I am writing my goals for the year, already claiming them true and fulfilled to give me a much needed boost of inspiration to achieve them! Here are my top four things I’m excited to achieve for 2017:

  1. Taking care of my little one and navigating life as a new mother
  2. Continuously cultivating my relationship with my husband, never forgetting the love we have for each other.
  3. Writing more often and chronicling my journey down, learning to reflect on each moment’s significance
  4. Consistently reminding myself to breathe, taking the time to unwind and always finding positivity in everything I do

I’m already looking forward  to sharing my year with you all! Have you written your goals yet?




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